Daily Dose.


Cliente: Nike - Ale MarderPhotography: Rodrigo MaltchiqueExecutive Producer: Filipe LagoActress: Luisa MoraesCreative Direction: Pedro Lourenço Beauty: Daniel HernandezSet Design: Studios Goia PanaPhoto Assistent: Jorge EscudeiroRetouch: Thiago Auge
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Cliente: Nike - Ale Marder
Photography: Rodrigo Maltchique
Executive Producer: Filipe Lago
Actress: Luisa Moraes
Creative Direction: Pedro Lourenço 
Beauty: Daniel Hernandez
Set Design: Studios Goia Pana
Photo Assistent: Jorge Escudeiro
Retouch: Thiago Auge

I am addicted. Addicted to the night. Addicted to the tension, the confusion, the restlessness in my bones. The night brings a certain clarity to the ferment in the day, but there need not be anyone to say. I know the body is repulsed, but I know it is what the soul longs and I know that I will always be terrified; more terror in simplicity than in perplexity and more terror than this body would dare to embrace. It is only in night that lucidity can prevail, and although it’s addictive quality poses great temptation, that’s all it is and that’s all it can be.

Natalia Ramnarine (via wnq-writers)